a walk in the path
Trying to see it’s wrath
For it was ill
Against our will

From east to west
North to South
They came
To cleanse their name

A try for the might
To a deadly fight
Police in a mammoth
Civilians flying, a moth

Killing in a village
Condemned by all age
But the chief?
He is the thief?
Blood, blood.

Pastor on the throne
He too taken wrong
But why?
We aren’t shy

We dig the root
To a deep foot
To find the reality
For this calamity

We are chased
Trouble we are faced
For we aren’t involved
But the trend revolved

From time to time
The ages rhyme
Kids done
Whenever alone

Killers defended
The deeds we can’t comprehend
Year in year out
We keep on the shout

Killers are known
Their faces are frown
The deeds are seen
For it is a sin

A father kills the son
His lifetime sun
For wealth
Against his health

The government involved
For they safeguard
The interest of the wrong🤔
© Ochieng Kevin engineer-2020